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Have you ever made the drive up to Central City or Blackhawk? Well, if you haven’t then you should, but some things to know before you do… If there’s absolutely no traffic, it can take about 2 hours from Fort Collins, or well over an hour from Boulder or Denver. Let’s say you get stuck on I-70 behind a maniacal semi-truck driver, or there’s a rockslide on US-6, then you might as well add an extra hour in there. Round trip, that could be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours that you don’t want to be behind the wheel of a car.

Would you want to be stressed when you get there, and still seething from sitting in traffic for up to three hours? Probably not, you would want to be relaxed, and have your mind on your favorite table game that you’re hoping will bring you some well-deserved loot! That’s where TLC Limos comes in. We can make you forget about all of the hassle of getting there, and you’ll be able to enjoy time with your friends re-living your last trip to Vegas. Better yet, you can discuss how to bet while at the craps table, because if you’re playing for the first time, better to have an idea!

Limo to Central City Blackhawk

Let TLC Limos handle your Blackhawk shuttle!

Why not rent one of our limousines to provide you with that sensational service you’ve been waiting for! Take your mind off the road, and figure out how to play blackjack in the time it takes us to chauffeur you to the casinos. And you know you’ll be able to enjoy a few complimentary beverages on the way, and while at the casinos, because you don’t have to drive home at 2 in the morning! You can be sure to sit at the slots without worrying about where you parked your car a few hours ago, because we’ll be a phone call away to drive you back home worry free! Hopefully your pockets will be lined with Hundreds as well!

We have 7 different vehicles for you to choose from on your trip to this beautiful little Colorado gambling haven, therefore if your party consists of 2 or 14 people, we can get you there in style. Make it a priority to visit our website at www.tlclimos.co and check out the pictures of our fabulous limos. The poker table will never feel the same after you’ve given us the pleasure of driving you to the Ameristar Casino poker room. Their large bad-beat pots await your attention, and you won’t want to miss out on a single hand for a chance at riches!

We have chauffeured quite a few bridal parties up to enjoy their weddings in Central City, as it has become a popular destination to get hitched. Make it a night, and bring your luggage too! We have enough room for everyone in Majestic Prince, our 14 person stretch Cadillac Escalade, with wood floors!

Whether your bachelor or bachelorette party begs for a limousine, or you’re having a much needed guy’s night out, we can get you to that buffet in style! Reach out to TLC Limos today, and book your limousine to Central City or Blackhawk! Jacki and Mychal await your call at 970-227-5590